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How To

This page is to help you understand the step by step process to building your custom portrait. Follow the instructions below before you check out and you'll be golden!


STEP 1: Choose your portrait style.

In the header of the website "Portrait Styles" (If you're on mobile, just tap the 3 bars at the top to open up this menu!)

You can choose between 6 styles:

Classic "Us" Portrait

These are the portraits we started with, our "classic" option. You'll use this first step to choose your base options. In the Classic "Us" Portrait page, you'll see a mockup area (left side of your computer screen, or top of the page for mobile) as well as an area with your options (right side of computer screens, underneath the mockup on mobile!)

As you work your way through the options you'll first select the final output for your portrait. This can be either a digital file or a physical print (which also includes the digital file!) 
You'll also select orientation of your portrait (horizontal or vertical), number of characters for your portrait (this number should include all humans and pets) as well as background elements (decorations!) and your text. Use the drop down menus to make your choices. If you select "custom text" a field will appear for you to enter that in.
As you click through the tabs, you'll be given the option of including special placement requests and then shown a summary of this element of your print. When you're sure everything is correct, click the "add to cart" button.
This is the only portrait style for which you also have to customize each character (the fun part)!! Scroll down to "Step 2: Customize Your Characters" for a step by step guide.

"Fully Custom" Portrait

This is our most customized portrait option, in which you place control in our hands and we use your photos to create your characters' likeness in our signature illustration style. For this portrait, all you do is choose whether you'd like a digital or physical print (all physical prints also come with the digital file) and how many characters you'll need. Then you shoot us an email so we can get started. We recommend copying & pasting the instructions from the item page into your email so it's easy to fill out the info to make sure we have everything we need! Get as detailed as you like.

"Night In", "Soft Mood", "Heart Tattoo" & "Cat Rider" Portraits

With these portraits you'll do all the customization in one step / on one page. You can choose a digital option or physical prints in 2 sizes (all orders come with the digital files!) Once you finish choosing your personalized options, simply add to cart and check out!

STEP 2: Customize your Characters.

You will ONLY complete this step if you've chosen the "Classic Us" Portrait. 
In the header of the website click "'Us' Portrait Characters"
You'll be taken to a collection page showing options for Humans, Cats, Dogs and Other Species. You'll be individually customizing each character for your portrait, so click whichever character type you'd like to customize first! These characters show up as $0 because you've already added the portrait style to your cart, which is where the cost of the portrait is held.
Within the character customization page you'll see your mockup and options like in Step 1. The characters each have lots of different options to make their appearance exactly as you'd like it! Use the "next tab" button to move through all your available options for each character. As before, you'll have the ability to add special requests and see a summary of your choices before you finalize the element. For a small additional fee, you can also upload photos in the "special requests" section for the pets which will let us get your pet's markings exactly right. Once you're ready, click finalize to add the character to your cart. You'll repeat this step for as many characters as you included in your portrait.

Other Stuff

If you're looking to order additional copies of your prints, our wooden print hangers, woven blankets or have your digital files formatted for something specific, you can do that here. If you're ordering separately from your portrait, just include your original order number in your note at checkout!